• Everything you need to know to get started on your journey as a yoga teacher for children and teens.  All the essentials are in one place in this definitive guide:  requirements, certifications, making your classes impactful, dealing with special situations as well as the keys to building your business.
  • Use a combination of specific meridian-based yoga therapy exercises, specialised breathing techniques and massage to take children with special needs on a journey into their imaginations, whilst teaching the tools to self-calm, self-regulate and build gut and brain health.
  • Always have an option available when choosing a breathing exercise for your classes.  This pack provides you with 8 distinct breathing exercises with word for word instructions and scripts that are appropriate for all age groups.
  • Have an abundance of choices to add fun, energy and excitement to your classes with this pack of 22 games with clear and easy to follow instructions that can be used for all age groups.
  • More than ever, the segment of your classes that parents, schools, etc want to see the benefits from, is the relaxation.  With this pack, you will have the word for word scripts for 7 proven and effective relaxations that work with all age groups.
  • Developing mindfulness in your classes is essential as a children’s yoga teacher.  These 19 exercises with simple to follow and step by step instructions will have you well prepared and set to go with a wide a variety of options for all age groups.
  • Make an impact like nothing else can when working with children and teens with cognitive issues. Learn how meridian yoga therapy relates to cognitive health. Why the gut and the brain are linked. The Top 5 yoga therapy exercises for gut and brain health. A simple breathing exercise to calm the mind and emotions quickly. The best foods to eat for the digestive system and what foods to avoid. Best recipe for the digestive system.
  • Digestive issues and bed wetting are very common issues that so many parents are looking for an answer to. You can provide that answer when you understand why and how Meridian-Based yoga therapy effectively helps digestive and bed wetting issues. The common foods to avoid and foods that will strengthen the gut and urinary system. The Top 4 specific yoga therapy exercises for the Digestive system and the Top 4 specific yoga therapy exercises to strengthen the bladder.