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Do you want to be one of the best children’s yoga teachers on the planet? Come learn the skills that will make you inspirational, engaging, powerful and fun. You will learn to captivate children and teens of all ages and how to deliver classes that really work. You will receive support, training and one on one coaching on how to effectively deliver your class from teachers and mentors that are committed to bringing out your best and having you be the best you can be.

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In this special and limited 3 day course, you will learn to:

*Identify and eliminate the barriers that stop you from being the best you can be
*Command the classroom
*Be a captivating teacher for all age groups
*Manage attention spans and keep students with you the entire class
*Break through your limits and boundaries on a personal level and as a children’s yoga teacher
*Give clear instructions that work
*Teach while standing without having to demonstrate all the poses
*Use effective body language
*Use your voice as a tool of engagement
*Vary class pace to manage behaviour
*Adapt your classes to suit Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners
*How to deal with the most frequent classroom problems
*Incorporate encouragement and praise throughout your lesson
*Alter instructions and language for the different age groups
*Transition smoothly from pose to pose and section to section
*Teach with energy and enthusiasm
*Bring out, get in touch with and be your true authentic self when teaching
*Receive personal feedback and one on one coaching on your Rules, Warm-up, Main Section, Yoga Talk, Breathing, *Relaxation and Make a Difference sections of your class

Due to the high amount of personal coaching and one-on-one feedback that is required for each participant, this course is strictly limited to 16 participants.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Foundation and Advanced Course

To Register call or email: 0411 163 198 / info@zenergyyoga.com

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